I got involved in politics as a mom and a citizen fifteen years ago because I felt there were important issues being discussed at the State House that not only impacted my family but other families as well.  I have always considered myself a citizen advocate working from the outside in but am now feeling the urgency and importance of working from the inside out: having a seat at the table, being a part of the discussion and casting my vote for the people of our district.  I believe we are at a true crossroads with this election and must carefully consider which direction we want to go.  The road we choose is up to us.

It is crucial we strengthen the foundation that will create opportunity for all, not just the few.  We know in order to build something that will last, we must build from the bottom up; we can’t build from the top down because the whole thing will simply collapse.  It’s just common sense.

If Vermonters are to thrive, we must first recognize the foundational supports necessary to build a life that is stable, prosperous and affords every individual the possibility to succeed.  By investing in each other we invest in a future that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of our people, our towns and entire state.  

Please have a look at the ISSUES section where I highlight what I believe to be some of those foundational supports.  It is time we do better and create policies that will build us up instead of tear us down, that are strong and that will last.  If the goal is to improve the quality of life for Vermonters, so that we might all live a life of opportunity and possibility, we must be willing to do the work.  I am.  And knowing I cannot do this by myself, I hope you will join me.  Your constructive ideas and positive input are invaluable.  I ask for your support and look forward, with great enthusiasm, to working with you.