Accessible and affordable healthcare is an integral part to the security and stabilization of Vermonters and their families. It’s not a want but a need, and not a privilege for only those who can afford it.

The cost of insurance never goes down, only up. Even if we manage to pay the increasing insurance premiums, we have higher deductibles and co-pays.  It is becoming less and less accessible for us to get the care we need when we need it. And if the current administration succeeds in getting our preexisting condition protections declared unconstitutional, our access could eventually be cutoff all together.  Most of us are considered to have a preexisting condition.

We must seek out new inclusive solutions, eliminate the middleman and avoid the cruelties of a bygone free market solution.  We all need healthcare, plain and simple.



We must keep local control of our schools because our kids deserve the best education we can give them and schools are so often the very heart of our communities.  Schools are not a one size fits all proposition but an important, living and changing environment that needs the care and careful consideration of its townspeople

If we wish to attract new families to our communities it’s imperative we invest in our students and their schools.  A well-rounded and supportive education is the springboard to opportunity and possibility for our next generations.  We owe them nothing less.


A livable wage is vital because it will provide all Vermonters the opportunity to prosper and have a chance at a life that is full of possibility.

The fact that we are working harder and harder everyday and falling further and further behind is undermining the very stability of Vermonters and their families. We cannot expect to grow our towns and state if we are not willing to admit that an honest days work deserves a livable wage.   

We can create good jobs that are balanced so both the business owner and the employee can succeed.




Sometimes we do need to be in two important places at the same time.  Paid Family Leave makes that decision feasible without the devastation of people’s lives.

Paid Family Leave is an investment in us; an investment in the very financial security of our working families and helps balance workplace needs with family responsibilities.  At some point in our lives the majority of us will encounter a situation where we’ll have to decide between caring for a sick loved one, staying at home with a newborn child or losing our income and possibly our job altogether.

When we lose jobs in this way, not only is there a destabilizing financial loss to the immediate family but an added financial cost to all of us.  The stability of working families is key to the long-term healthy growth and prosperity of Vermont.