Who I Am

I am resourceful.  I’m an underdog fighter.  I think out of the box.  Injustice makes me angry.  I invest my whole self into whatever I’m working on.  If I don’t know how to do it, I find people who do.  I read, a lot.  I know all people are important.  I’m someone you want on your side.  I am a solution seeker.  I’m curious.  I have grit.  I believe in the possible.  I come to the table to talk.  I am an independent thinker.  I have common sense.  I am smart.  I am happy and know who I am.  I’m not particularly impressed with someone’s title.  I don’t always do everything right, but try to.  I question things.  I can make a difference.  I have made a difference.  I have perfectionist tendencies.  I think ego gets in the way of a lot of good stuff.  I lookup words all the time.  I am compassionate.  I like people and hearing their stories.  I write like I talk.  Sometimes I’m impatient.  I think Democracy is not a spectator sport.  I am excited to be running for your State Representative.

I grew up in a small town in Texas. My husband and I moved to Vermont twenty-one years ago when our son was six months old because we thought it would be a great place to raise our family; two years later our daughter was born. I fell in love with the small town feel of Vermont, the farms, the people and the passed – down traditions.
Our children are now young adults. Our son just graduated from college and our daughter is soon to begin her junior year. Turns out our instincts were correct, Vermont has been a wonderful place to raise our children; they have flourished here.
We live in a beautiful place. Everyday I am still amazed by the surrounding beauty of our state. I used to think of myself as a Texan living in Vermont. Somewhere along the way I realized, nope, that’s no longer true, I’m a Vermonter from Texas. This is my home sweet home. I truly love Vermont and seems every time I go away I can’t wait to get back to the peace and beauty of here. I’m sure you know what I mean. There’s no place like it.